Welcome to Albuquerque Bible Church

We are a Non denominational Church looking for sincere and deeper relationship

with God our Father through Christ Jesus. Encouraging  more intimate relationships with our brothers

and sisters in Christ who guides us to Gods leading and ministries.

We more then welcome all those that seek and hunger for what God has for us all!




Church contact info:

Pastor Ben Padilla

320 Montano Rd. NW. Albuquerque, NM

Office Phone: 505-344-5329

Email:   albuquerquebiblechurch@mail.com

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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. What a blessing sunday was, 6 young adults accepted Christ.Our Lord is sending
    and people are receiving, Albuquerque Bible Church is Bless with Great men of God, Pastor Ben Padilla
    and the Elders Kenny Leppke, Gene Baca, also the Board . Jerry Arnold and Steve Bates.I thank God for
    them along with the Blessing of the ladies . Carla Leppke , does the ladies Bible Study,and all the prayer
    warriors.Our church has been Bless with all these ladies,just devoted ladies whom love Our Lord.

  2. Just a thought on Obama’s response about American exceptionalism. Here is the definition

    Exceptionalism in a simple and provocative formula the world had never experienced:

    Power would reside with commoners, not kings. The people’s representatives would be entrusted with it. Government would be limited and lent to representatives, not vested, with payment on the loan due periodically via elections. Limited government, principally for national protection, would free individuals to pursue their dreams as they wished, and the collective pursuit of these individual dreams would create a great and prosperous nation.
    The Contract’s counterparties are the government and the governed; it has no legal authority; its validity is derived from the Creator; and the terms of the Contract are simple: power is lent in return for accountability back to the lender, the people.

    Would’nt it be great if that and Pride in our country were taught in our schools and universities instead of the hate… Lord come quickly!

  3. Thanks Marc for updating the sermons, I pray the LORD continue to bless you and your family. Have a great day.

    • Yea, thanks Marc for updating the sermons….cause, I have not been
      able to go to church lately, am in a lot of pain….but! I have been
      listening to the sermons on my computer……I LOVE IT! Rae

  4. Thanks, Gene. Looks like the Church is moving into the world in being able to reach out to the world.
    Sounds funny but hope we can keep the website in prayer.

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